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The Benefits of Cleaning Services In Nassau County

Maid service and cleaning service in Nassau County are the terms which are used for describing a dedicated external service which provides specific cleaning methods to schools, businesses, companies as well as anyone that need cleaning service. There may be diversity in cleaning service in Bayside, NY and what is considered mostly as the service performed by female maid is now an industry which covers both the male as well as female employees.
Traditionally NYC maids are the ones that are employed in household services. Formally, a part of the hierarchy in business and homes and nowadays a maid specialize in periodic cleaning services and does not live along with the members of the house. The maid will only come and render NYC cleaning service in Manhattan before taking her leave.

Characteristics of Maids

The cleaning services employ janitors, NYC maids, carpets cleaners, window washers as well as painters who would join hands so as to ensure an environment is tidy and free from dirt. You can also set up a plan for washing floors and windows, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing floors and cleaning bathrooms. This action is mostly done at intervals which can be weekly, biweekly or monthly.

The use of cleaning service in Manhattan can be as a result of a busy schedule at place of work or due to other commitment which does not give room for cleaning activities. The use of maids’ service for cleaning service in Queens is only affordable for the affluent but the services are now common and there can be payments tailored to fit the budgets as well as cleaning schedules.

The use of maid service can be a bit expensive than just hiring a part time cleaning lady but the use of cleaning Service in Nassau County can provide several benefits. This would provide someone that is bonded and insured to do the cleaning activities. You may likewise ask the maid to bring the entire cleaning supplies which would be used for the service. The cleaning service which is provided withholds social security as well as income taxes. However, you should ensure you’re working with a legitimate company which will provide high quality service for you.

Most professional cleaning service providers likewise include janitorial service in what they provide for their clients. This might imply a cleaning service for a business rather than a residence. The use of janitorial service would provide the service which would give you the freedom as well as knowledge in realizing your office and its environment are cleaned perfectly.

There are several cleaning service providers across the country which can be chosen by those that need the service. It is however crucial to search through your local listing so as to find the most appropriate service for your needs. Most of the cleaning services providers ensure their employees are well trained following appropriate interview during the employment. The entire service providers would also ensure the best service is provided for you. This would ensure you are properly covered in the case of theft.

Seismic Retrofitting For Post Earthquake Rehabilitation

There are several methods by which the buildings can be restored to previous strength after an earthquake. The retrofitting technique improves the building condition after a mild or serious earthquake outbreak. Retrofitting is employed to strengthen the building to counter expected future earthquake. This should be done with extreme care, as the technique varies with type of building, number of floors, loading condition, material quality, workmanship and type of damage. The region affected should be studied, as the earthquake is area-specific and it differentiates with seismic zones. The first step is analyzing the hazard and the estimation of destruction caused.

Analysis of Hazard and estimation

In the hazard analysis, the seismic environment is inspected to examine the magnitude and frequency recurrence rate. Estimation of hazard is done by counting the buildings affected partially or fully by earthquake waves. The hazard is analyzed with ground motions related with the exceedence probability in 50 years. The seismic excitation and design of structure should be structurally analyzed. After getting a comprehensive data base about the damage, the structural systems are designed accordingly. The data analyzed should cover the details relating the earthquake severity with structural stability. Vulnerability of damage is estimated to identify the expected loss expressed a scale from 0 to 1

Reasons for failure

The common reason for failure includes poorly constructed buildings, collapsing either totally or partially, walls collapsing within narrow sheets, untied roofs and cantilevers, free standing high boundary walls, parapets and balconies falling, gable walls falling over after cracking under lateral thrust of the roof etc.

Damage types and its effect

Slight Nonstructural damage- results in cracks in plaster of walls or falling of plaster in some regions. No serious issues on roof & floor. Seen small cracks or disturbed tiles only.
Slight Structural Damage – Small cracks appeared to form on walls. Nonstructural elements like parapets are damaged. Small cracks in slabs/ A.C. sheets
Moderate Structural Damage – formation of deep cracks in walls & columns. The structure loses its load carrying capacity. Large cracks in slabs & 25% tiles are fallen or disturbed
Severe Structural Damage- Collapse of one or two walls. Approximately fifty percent of the main structural elements fail. Floors are badly cracked and tiles badly affected & fallen.
Collapse – A large part of the building collapses.

Repair & Restoration on structures

After analyzing the structure and developing strategy to rebuild it, proper measure of repairing & restoration is done prior to retrofitting eventhough no structural damage is encountered. ‘Repair’ will leave the building permanently weak. After repairing, the structure becomes architecturally viable. Restoration will bring the strength of the building to pre-earth-quake level. In buildings with historical value, restoration is done to protect its heritage value. Restoration accurately reveals, recover or represent the state of a historic building, as it appeared at a particular period in its history. Whereas seismic strengthening or Retrofitting makes the building safe under the occurrence of probable future earthquake loads. Appropriate methods of repair and restoration are taken into account after evaluating the building type and damage type.
Repairing of building includes:
i) Patching up of defects as cracks and fall of plaster and re-plastering if needed.
ii) Repairing doors, windows and replacement of glass panes.
iii) Checking and repairing electrical connections, gas connections, plumbing, heating, ventilation
iv) Rebuilding non-structural walls, chimneys, boundary walls.
v) Relaying cracked flooring at ground level and roofing sheets or tiles.
Vi) Redecoration work
Restoration of building includes:
i) Removal of portions of cracked masonry walls and piers, and rebuilding them in richer mortar.
ii) Addition of reinforcing mesh on both faces of the cracked wall, holding it to the wall through spikes or bolts and then covering it suitably with micro-concrete or 1:3 cement -coarse sand plaster.
iii) Injecting neat cement slurry or epoxy like material, which is strong in tension, into the cracks in walls, columns, beams etc.

Seismic Strengthening (Retrofitting)

By seismic strengthening the seismic resistance of an existing building is updated. It includes Structural restoration and cosmetic repairs. The works included in retrofitting are:
i) Modification of roofs
ii) Substitution or strengthening of floors
iii) Modification in the building plan
iv) Strengthening of walls including provision of horizontal and vertical bands or belts, introduction of ‘through’ or header stones in thick stone walls, and injection grouting etc.
v) Adding to the sections of beams and columns by casing or jacketing etc.
vi) Adding shear walls or diagonal bracings,
vii) Strengthening of foundations if found necessary


The following retrofitting actions are recommended against collapse in a future severe earthquake
i) Check length, height and thickness of walls and modify to conform to the Code. The maximum length of wall for RR masonry is limited to 5 m and storey height is restricted to 2.7 m.
ii) Check the positions and sizes of openings in walls and modify as required, or provide reinforcement. The distance of jamb from internal corner should not be less than 450 mm. The distance between consecutive openings is restricted to 600 mm
iii) If there are no ‘through’ stones in thick stone walls, then provide RC headers, by making ‘through’ hole by removing the stones in opposite Wythes, inserting an iron link and filling the hole with concrete.
iv) Provide seismic belt below roof and above door/window lintel level. For this use weld mesh reinforcement.
Through bond element
Usually a Through bond stone is introduced in RR masonry walls to run through its intermediate height. The points are selected first where the ‘through’ stones to be installed. After that the plaster is removed from surface to expose stones. a gentle push is given to loosen the stone. The inner material is gradually removed to form a 75 mm hole in the wall. Locate position of the opposite stone on the other face of the wall by gentle tapping in the hole. Remove the identified stone slowly by same gentle process.
Horizontal seismic belts
Seismic belt is given to the building to take additional load during earthquake. These belts are provided above openings and below roof at eave level, on gable wall, door, window and for rafter with collar tie.
Method of fixing seismic belts
• Remove plaster in the height of the belt
• Rake out Mortar joints to 12-15 mm depth
• Clean the surface and wet it with water
• Apply neat Cement slurry and apply first coat of 12 mm thickness.
• Roughen its Surface after initial set.
• Fix the mesh with 150 mm long nails at about 300 mm apart while plaster is still green.
• Apply second coat of plaster of 16 mm thickness.

The retrofitting of building is also done by providing vertical reinforcement at corners, junctions of walls, stiffening flat wooden floor and roof etc. The retrofitting is done to initiate energy conservation and to reduce energy consumption. The aim is to create a high performing building with an effective integrated design process. From studies it is clear that the Retrofitting of an existing building shall be more cost effective than building a new facility.

The Benefits of Buying Designer Furniture Online

If you’ve ever walked into someone’s home to find that they have the same furniture as you, then it may be time to consider buying designer furniture online. While mass-produced furniture may look nice, it can be far less special when you know so many other people have it. So, here we’ll explore the benefits of buying designer or luxury furniture in Melbourne.

Unique Pieces

One of the most obvious benefits of buying designer furniture online is that you can seek out a unique piece for your decor. Visitors to your home will immediately notice how beautiful your furniture is rather than it blending into the background. This special moment will happen when you have visitors or when you return home yourself as you notice your piece of furniture and how different it is all over again.


When you buy mass made furniture at your typical furniture store, you’re likely to find that the quality is okay at best. While these items are made to look nice, the priority is often producing them at lower and lower costs, which compromises quality. This means that they tend not to last long and most of the pieces will lack the fine details that can take them to a superior level. Spending a little more means that your furniture is sure to last longer and look better with age.

Making a Design Statement

When you have a designer piece of furniture inside your home, you can be sure of making a design statement instead of allowing your furnishings to blend into the background. The designs of tables, chairs, and couches tend to be far more intricate and special with a designer piece. You’ll also have the choice between classic, traditional styles and more contemporary, modern styles. Designers provide a large variety of options, making it easier to choose the style that will work best with your decor and home ambiance.

It’s All in the Details

When you’re planning interior design, the small things can make a massive difference. A great piece of furniture has detailing that makes it far more elaborate to add character to your decor. Additionally, you’ll be able to tell the difference in the materials. The materials used to produce designer furniture tends to feel and look nicer to further create that luxury look.

Long Lasting

When buying luxury or designer furniture in Australia, you’ll notice that they tend to offer a long lasting finish. With a little care and attention, you can almost guarantee that your furniture will continue to look great in the years to come. This makes it far better to spend a little more initially. The quality, style, and finish of designer furniture is well worth the premium you can expect to pay.

If you are interested in buying designer furniture in Australia, be sure to visit James Said. They offer a wide variety of designer furniture online, and you’ll find their team of interior designers very helpful and ready to answer any queries to help you to find the perfect piece for your home.

A Creative Guide For Kitchen Remodelling

Let’s face it, not all kitchens are spacious enough to accommodate all the remodelling designs that we have in mind. However, the size should not be a hindrance for achieving a beautiful and functional kitchen. In fact, small kitchens can be as elegant and efficient as a big one. With a bit of creativity, turning your small kitchen into a uniquely designed and operational area is, indeed, achievable.

Contrary to popular belief, however, redesigning a kitchen should not be that costly. You don’t have to spend an entire fortune to achieve a glamorous-looking kitchen space, regardless of its size. Moreover, if you are on a tight budget and you want to make the best out of what you have, there are creative kitchen design ideas that you can do to give your kitchen the boost it needs. Keep reading to check the ideas we have in store for you.

#1 Avoid Dark Colours

Although dark isn’t the first colour scheme which comes to mind when designing kitchens, using a dark colour palette could add a touch of sophistication to the space. However, it is also advisable to avoid using such colours if you have a small kitchen space, since dark colours could make the area feel tighter and smaller. If you want to create a friendlier and larger atmosphere in your kitchen, it is highly recommended to use light colours.

Furthermore, painting your kitchen walls with bright shades such as yellow, light blue, light green and orange can add more life to your entire kitchen area. Combined with proper lighting, achieving a good balance between your chosen colour combinations and the lighting in the room can make your kitchen environment more comfortable and pleasing to the eyes.

#2 Use Shiny Decorations

If you are concerned about how small your kitchen is, you can decorate the space with shiny designs such as a glass table to make the area appear more spacious and brighter. Thus, you don’t need to change the overall layout of your kitchen in order to enhance the entire appearance of its size.

With the right sheen, you will be able to achieve a more prominent looking kitchen. Besides, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to acquire some shiny kitchen decorations. As long as you have elegant yet affordable decors, you can definitely give a new creative spin to your kitchen’s design.

#3 Use The Right-sized Furniture

Circling your small kitchen with large furniture will definitely not save you space. Thus, it is vital to scale your furniture based on the size of your kitchen. For instance, instead of using large tables and chairs, you can opt for smaller ones. Aside from the layout, floor space is also one of the most significant factors that you need to consider freeing up.

Having more walking space will make the functionality of your kitchen more convenient. Think of the space you need when walking around the kitchen carrying large pots and pans full of food. Also, pay close attention to the number of furniture that you already have. Even if the pieces are small and proportionate to your kitchen, having too much will drastically shrink your kitchen space. Hence, you need to be wise when it comes to placing pieces of furniture to avoid cramming your space.

In conclusion, developing a plan before remodelling your kitchen should be considered. At Custom Spaces, we can ensure your success in remodelling your space. We take pride in going above and beyond to ensure that our clients are all provided with a quality level of service through our top-notch craftsmanship.

Top 5 Tips to Prevent Condensation in Double Glazed Windows

Do you face the problem of condensation in your windows? Nothing in this world is worse than getting condensation in the double glazed. Specially when you are living in the UK you are bounded to face such problems in your home because of the climate and the high humidity levels. With the change in the season like autumn season, people start facing the issue of the condensation. To remove such problem some tends to adopt wiping their windows, but it’s a waste if you don’t have any idea about how to do it properly. We have to give extra attention to such problems because such problems are not good for the health. The condensation leads to grow black mould in the window frame which in turn affects our health and leads to the breathing issues. Here I will discuss some of the points that will help you to prevent your windows from the condensation.

1. Ventilation Should be Good

When you are about to do an old double glazed window repair around romford, you have to hire an installer who has the best experience and knowledge about the installation of the same. An experienced person knows how to install a window with good ventilation strategy. He will recognize on his own where you need ventilation and where your walls have too high moisture. They install the same in such a way that you will get the area ventilated in a controlled way. Adapting the same strategy would help you to remain free from condensation.

2. Install Insulation in the External Walls

When you install the insulation in the external walls, it will automatically help your wall to prevent condensation by retaining heat in your walls and ultimately this will slow down your heat transfer. Now when the heat, warm or humid air hits the walls from the inside it will no longer turn out to create condensation because the temperature difference will be reduced. The main basic thing that needs to be taken care of is to minimize the thermal bridges as much as you can because where are gaps in the insulation, the condensation will definitely gather or collected and can cause problems.

3. Open you Windows in Regular Intervals

Have you ever noticed the excessive humidity just after you take a hot shower? The bathroom gets steamy when you take a hot shower, you can either notice it in your kitchen when you generally cook different food items. The kitchen windows mist up when you cook something. Opening a window for merely 5 minutes will let the steam find a way to escape. This is the best way to keep the house airy with the doors closed and letting the heat loss from the indoor of your house. This will ultimately help you to stop the humid air entering the room and turning condensation there.

4. Avoid Drying Clothes Inside Your Home

When you let the wet clothes dry in the warm room, this will turn out to be equal to condensation or evaporation. Avoid dry out your clothes inside, but if you really want to do it you can do it by using an airing cupboard. You can either empty a room or make that room a complete laundry drying room. Turn off the heating of that room and you can open a window by keeping the door close to ensure safety. It will help you in contributing to the long life of the windows and prevents them from the condensation.

5. Maintain a Constant Temperature

The rate of the heat loss from your home is decreased ultimately when you use the insulation on the exteriors of your wall. This doesn’t mean that when you have a regular heating pattern, your home can run in a comfortable temperature and this will decrease the condensation. If you want to try it, you can do it by using the thermostat as this will help you set a specified temperature.

Different Types of Flooring Services Presented

Reinstalling, replacing, or even laying flooring for the first time is something that can confuse a lot of builders and DIY workers. After all, there’s so much in terms of floor types and all of them have their own pros and cons. So make sure that you know a thing or two about the flooring you want to have installed, and the different options you have available.

Hardwood flooring is typically the first thing that many people go for when they want to upgrade their old carpet or tiles into something new. They are beautiful, relativity easy to lay down, and fit a wide range of styles for every homeowner. You can find hardwood floor planks to fit down on any and every type of floor, and some places will even cut the planks to your exact specifications.

There are two further types of wood-type flooring; laminate and engineered wood. Engineered wood is wood that is designed to look like natural hardwood, while also engineering out some of the hardwood’s weaknesses. Basically, the wood is like a layer cake, where several pieces of unfinished wood make up the bottom part of the layer to give the wood strength as well as resistance to water. Then a layer of natural wood rests on top, giving the entire floor the look of natural hardwood.

Engineered wood is less expensive that true hardwood while also allowing the material to resist water and warping damage. Laminates are the same way, made up of several layers that help to resist moisture. Then the top layer is designed to look better and like real wood. Unlike engineered wood, however, laminated wood has a protective layer that is laminated to the top, in order to provide additional protection.

Think of it like laminating a piece of paper, where you can still see the paper underneath, but also have the laminate to act as a shield. Engineered wood can look like any type of wood, and to a casual observer, will look exactly like hardwood. Aside from a slight gloss, you really won’t be able to tell the difference between engineered, laminate and the real hardwood flooring.

The cost of getting the flooring in the GTA varies significantly between the floor types with laminate being the least expensive, often several dollars less per square foot than engineered wood, so depending on the size of the flooring, Toronto renovators will have to make a choice on which wood to use.

Both sets of wood do not trap dust or allergens and are both smooth enough to be wiped or swept clean without too much trouble. For deep cleans, the flooring will need to be cleaned with special products and a little extra effort, so keep that in mind while choosing the flooring from Brampton or Toronto home improvement stores. You’ll be cleaning it with elbow grease more often than not, but the beauty and homey feel it will give your house should more than make up for all the extra work.

6 Reasons To Get The Office Floors Stripped And Waxed

It does not matter to us which kind of floor is important. The types of floor are significant for the people who have interesting kind of office accessories and want their place to look unique every day. Would you want the tiles to appear old and grouchy when someone enters your temperature? We have to look ahead for the happy days that are more determined by safety and confidence from some of the employees. A person does not have to hate the management if they intend to leave the building. There are certain ways that make us a successful person in front of the management if you love the place and do not want to leave the gorgeous floors. Here are some of the most amazing benefits of hiring a floor stripping and waxing service in Atlanta GA.

1. Office appearance determines business success

The glossier and pretty your office looks, the more successful you appear to your rivals. Giving out an image of threat will maximize your interest in the business and share the message that you are not going to fail that easy.

2. A new look for the boring place

Making the whole office look like a new place just after many people have accepted the old appearance and got used to it. This will make the workplace look more attractive and interesting.

3. Preserving the actual floor

Saving the real floor surface is only possible when you understand the type of floor and realize that what kinds of material will serve the purpose. The waxed layer on the top will make the life of your floor longer and you can easily get the process done again in case you feel like having a dull surrounding again.

4. Lesser expenses

When we look at the thing around us in an office, floors are the main and most expansive element of the office. You can easily move to the next level of décor if the floor is being waxed in less money than you expected.

5. A good environment for the employees

Keep people happy and motivated by these small changes. A great looking work environment makes the people feel like they are worth more and deserve to work in a shiny glossy office. It has been studied that minor changes in the workplace keep the people interested in what they are doing for a longer period.

6. Some basic don’t of the field

While working on the process of stripping and waxing, you need to understand that some of the things are completely avoided to maintain a healthy lifestyle and constant happiness. Some of the things that we need to care about are:

• Ignoring the appropriate sealing material for the roof
• Less use of sensitization products on the floor where someone was working
• Need to use the protective gear to avoid any injuries.
• Take smaller steps and do not start with a challenging area in the office
• Don’t be hasty about applying a various number of quotes.
• Replacing the old school drying equipment with a vacuum cleaner.

Hopefully, the discussion will guide you the next time you would want to get a stripping and waxing a floor job.

The Causes Of Slips, Trips, And Falls.

It is a fact that the major causes of accidents at work are slips, trips, and falls. They can cause everything from minor bruising to broken legs and arms, and on occasion can be fatal. Statistics show that the majority of accidents occur when the floor surface is contaminated in some way with water, oil and grease, other liquids, and even talcum powder: all these can add severely to the danger of slips and falls.

The floor surface can also cause slips and trips. Slips can occur on some floor surfaces which are simply inherently slippery as a result of their composition. Other floor surfaces may be worn, or have had cuts or grooves put into them, perhaps by moving heavy machinery about. That kind of surface that is uneven can result in trips and the only answer is to replace the floor surface, or perhaps grind it down so that there is nothing over which to trip.

Equally, trips can occur simply as a result of objects being left lying where they should not be, and where they might not be expected to be. Unfortunately, some people just don’t look where they are going and may trip over an object that is perfectly visible to other people. For example, someone may have dropped a lipstick, which is not very big but can very easily cause a serious fall if trodden on. This means that unexpected objects should never be left on the floor at any time: they should be picked up and put safely away or into storage where they can do no harm.

Other causes of slips and trips on floors can be poor cleaning, leaving a residue behind on the floor. Cleaning can also leave a wet residue which can cause slips, so areas that have been cleaned should be cordoned off until they are dry again. Another cause can be the weather: wet weather can cause people to track in rainwater or mud, and in autumn leaves blowing about may enter as the door is opened.

Still another factor can be the type of footwear worn. Brand new shoes with leather soles, for instance, can be very slippery until the sole has been ground down a bit.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 requires floors to be suitable, in good condition and free from obstructions. No two floors are ever exactly the same since, even if they are made of the same material, they will have different levels of traffic, and different uses will also have different effects on a floor’s surface.

Slip resistance of some floor surfaces can be modified by applying anti-slip coatings and anti-slip tapes. There are a number of different anti-slip coatings that can be applied to a floor, dependent on the type of floor surface. It may also be possible to modify a floor surface by grinding it down or using shot-blasting.

Of course, there are some actions that are simple to take which can help to ensure a floor surface remains safe. The simple placing of a mat in front of a door can prevent people tramping in rainwater from outside.

Of course, one problem is that many business owners do everything that they can to keep their floor safe but may simply be unaware of the inherent safety of the material of which the floor is constructed. Fortunately, there is a very simple slip resistance test which can be carried out to determine the level of safety of a floor. This is called a Pendulum Test and involves the use of a small piece of equipment which will produce a figure on a sliding scale. What the test does is to mimic the action of a heel striking the floor surface. If the reading is 36 or above, then the floor is regarded as safe. If it is below 36 then it is not safe, and action needs to be taken.

There are a number of different anti-slip products which can be applied to a floor surface to bring it up to a safe standard, and indeed considerably above the 36 level. The exact type of product to be used can be determined by the manufacturers.

Of course, even with an anti-slip product applied, it has to be remembered that traffic over time will cause wear, so it may be necessary to repeat the coating every so often, depending on the use to which the floor is put.

The Pendulum Friction Test – Things You Should Know

Do you own a business? If so, you are probably in need of pendulum friction testing for your floors. This is a type of slip resistance test that is crucial if you want to save yourself from costly lawsuits and wish to provide a safe environment for all your employees.

The pendulum test is an exclusive slip resistance test that is accepted by the UK courts in terms of slip accidents. With this method of testing, you will be able to gauge whether your floor is dangerous or safe, or if it requires slip coating application or an anti-slip treatment.

What is the pendulum friction test?

The pendulum friction test assesses and analyses the friction offered by a floor surface when it comes in contact with a foot. The test can measure slip potential of wet, dry and contaminated flooring. Business owners can avail the services of professionals to conduct on-site testing on the area or areas where they had a slip or send a sample to the experts.

How does the test work?

A pendulum friction test is conducted by a swinging arm that passes over an area of the floor. The pendulum test machine has a rubber slider at the end of the arm and this slider strikes and sweeps along the floor over a pre-decided distance. In case the arm is released without the touching the floor, the arm will swing from horizontal to horizontal, without any friction. But, once the arm strikes the floor, the arm is decelerated due to friction and it swings less far.

The pendulum test machine is simplistic, however, operators need to have formal training in order to operate it. Without proper training, accurate and reliable slip ratings cannot be obtained.

Why use this slip resistance test?

As aforementioned, the pendulum test is the only slip resistance test that the UK courts recognise. Also, this test is recommended by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). It is the only test that is used in enforcement, as well as, prosecution. By making sure that you pass this test, you can prove to the authorities, lawyers and insurance companies that you are providing a safe floor environment. This test can be used for your protection in case you are taken to court for claims of slip accidents.

Are there any standard sliders?

There are 2 basic sliders, known as slider 55 and slider 96. Slider 55 represents barefoot, whereas, slider 96 is a representation of the pedestrians wearing footwear.

How is the pendulum test measured?

The pendulum’s arm has a pointer that shows a pendulum test value or PTV. There are 3 slip-potential categories – high (0 to 24), medium (25 to 35) and low (36+).

What does PTV mean?

The PTV refers to an approximate risk to slip accidents. For instance, a PTV of 19 will have an accident risk of one in two whilst a PTV of 36 will have an accident risk of 1 in about 1,000,000.

In several environments, a PTV of more than 26 in dry and wet conditions is considered to be the HSE benchmark. If your floor/floors do not achieve 36+, you might find yourself liable to enhanced accident risk, a hefty fine and poor claims defensibility under the sentencing guidelines of health & safety.

So, therefore, it is highly recommended that you carry out periodic pendulum friction test for your floor. Regular testing will make sure that the slip resistance of your floor is high on an ongoing basis. In the event that the slip resistance test deems your floor unsafe, the logical next step would be to get the floor/floors anti-slipped by using one of the varieties of non-slip coatings or the available anti-slip treatments. If you want more information, speak to a professional.

Important Safety Measures to Remember When Installing a Generator

We all know the essentiality of having a generator in our homes and offices as a back-up measure during times of power blackout, interruption, or abrupt failure in electric flow. Investing in new generators sometimes cost a fortune, financial drainage that many people tend to avoid. However, it is possible to find yourself used generators in good technical and mechanical health and install them in your space without spending exuberant money. One thing that must be remembered when looking for used generators for sale in the UK is that all the application and functional specifications must be checked by an expert before the installation in order to maintain electrical compatibility, resourceful functionality, and its technical specifications against the power consumption of your space. Once all these prerequisites and marked fine, your compliance with getting a generator is just a step away.

Sometimes with a wrong system, there are many associated risks of an exponential increase in electric bills, carbon monoxide or smoke emissions, system breakdowns, everything that adds up to sabotaging the performance of your existing appliances. Just as the beneficial advantages of a generator holds a revolutionary ground to optimize electric supply use and its feasibility, the downsizing factors are also important to keep in mind to eradicate any indoor hazard. The pros of a generator in your home or office space outlives its cons that can be easily avoided with little knowledge, help from an expert, and abiding by a few safety measures ensuring efficient power supply all throughout the day.

• Installation of generators must always be done outside

One of the first and foremost pointers to remember is that a generator should never, ever be installed inside home premises. Irrespective of whether it is a brand new model or a used one, every generator has a tendency to emit carbon monoxide and smoke during an overload or malfunction. If such a circumstance occurs indoors, it puts everyone at a risk and in case of an abrupt escalation of the same, the dangers are sometimes hard to curb. Install your generator outdoors at a minimum distance of 20 feet from the building to circumvent any factors of jeopardy.

• Keep an eye on any possible fire hazards

Sometimes due to excessive heating or smoke emission, inflammable items like generator fluids should be kept away at a distance from the machinery, preferably in non-glass safety vessels. It is also advisable to keep appliances that use fuels be kept away from the premises of the generator.

• Invest in an alarm

It is not always possible to detect smoke or carbon monoxide emission right away and even if you come to know of it, it might be too late. Getting a carbon monoxide alarm alongside your generator is indispensable to avoid any hazardous circumstance for you, your family or colleagues.

• The 3 feet rule

Generators mostly stay heated up due to excessive functional load that can result in instantaneous gas emission. If someone walks into the perimeter of a generator under such conditions, he or she is prone to injury or burn. Always remember to maintain this minimum distance and give your machinery a cool down time after every use to prevent frequent and exponential overheating.

• Lookout for any frayed chords

Discard any safety risk or functional disability by changing frayed chords frequently. This way, you not only save big bucks on the maintenance but also make sure the generator is functioning smoothly.

• Annual maintenance schemes

Even without any major or conspicuous issue, get your generator tested with annual maintenance schemes. This way, any small discrepancy that might add up to a huge potential breakdown can be avoided and your financial territories are also taken care of. Get value added benefits just by investing a small amount in the maintenance plans by making sure everything is up and running.